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Over the years, our reputation has grown as our students  go on to become knowledgeable professionals in the beauty and SPMU  field. Through engaging and hands-on educational opportunities, Feathernoir training academy strives to give the best training courses leaving our students confident and highly skilled and ready to boost their business We offer 1:1 training and small group training only For you to get the most out of your learning Once you train with feather noir you become part of the family 

- One of the leading Academies  to bring you PMU TO FINE LINE TATTOO WORKSHOP  

We have student's travelling all over the country to train with us 

1:1 Training from a semi permanent practitioner and tattoo artist specialising in fine line 

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As a student at Feathernoir training academy, you’ll enjoy an excellent learning atmosphere not only do we provide 5 star in-depth training in all aspects of beauty and aesthetics but we offer one to one tuition and a life time of support and aftercare Our tutors are experienced elite practitioners who have years of knowledge and have helped and guided many students in creating  successful businesses and academies around the country 

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