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Pmu to Tattoo: Tattooing


NEW FOR 2023!!!!!

Thank you for your interest  IN OUR NEW WORKSHOP FOR 2023. Tattoo artistry is a big bold world but there's always room to grow expand and build your clientele  long gone are the days we take a 2/3 year apprenticeships  in tattoo artistry - under paid over worked and only learning the basics for that first 2 years - yes 2 years  we are not here to gloat that we can get you to become the best tattoo artist on our workshop  we are here to help you on that stepping stone towards this career Tattooists spend years and years perfecting their art if your ready to embark on that journey this workshop may just be for you With our 1:1 training you will learn how to design stencil and tattoo small fine line tattoos we also teach you how to stipple shade highlight for those designs to look EVEN BETTER Our students have progressed amazingly after taking this workshop with a huge influx in clientele and another artist securing a place in a tattoo studio as a junior artist 
Our course is just £599 until JULY on our promotional offer 


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