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Accredited Insurable training courses


Microblading practitioner diploma  


2 day academy Training 

Case studies 

I offer an intense, comprehensive 2 day course covering a full syllabus of theory and the practical use of a microblading hand tool.

If you are new to cosmetic tattooing it is important that you build your knowledge base in addition to learning the skills needed for the application of this treatment by completing your A&P level 3  Without the underpinning knowledge you will not be able to offer your clients the professional treatment they deserve so it is important to choose a course that is going to set you up for a good career in this fabulous treatment.

I am an independent trainer with teaching qualifications and experience of working and teaching in this industry and with over 4 years experience as an advanced Microblading technician we only do one to one training at feather noir which  I have the time to give you all the attention you need and I am able to adapt my teaching methods to your learning style to ensure you leave the course knowledgeable and confident.

 Course content 

• Health and safety 

• Anatomy 

• licensing and protocols

• patch testing 

• pre procedure advise 

• consultation techniques 

• contra indications

• contra actions

• mapping technique 

• colour theory 

• aftercare and healing process 

• hair stroke patterns

• blade sizes 

• practise 

• live models 

• photography and advertising /pricing 


SPMU Brow Training  

£1299 with machine and needles

•Home learning

•2 Day Academy based training 

•Case studies 

Our Spmu brow course comprises of both theory and practical elements on SPMU machine techniques you will learn • Ombre  brows,  • Powder  brows,  • Pixel  brows • Combination Brows  the course has been structured from start to finish with you in mind, to assure that when you complete your training, you will leave with the specialist skills that will help you feel confident to perform SPMU procedures for all  eyebrows techniques  In addition, the course covers the anatomy and physiology of the skin, as well as equipping you with an in-depth knowledge of colour theory and mapping brows, You will gain practical experience both in the classroom and working on live models. Our training course includes your machine and needles With an option to

add a deluxe kit to your training day Our area of expertise is in the field of Spmu so be sure to know you will be taught by one of the best 


Henna brow course 


1 day academy based Training 

Brows are hugely popular in the beauty industry and henna brows are becoming  more and more popular with our clients 
You will learn a range of brow-grooming procedures, including hot waxing, and application of henna of the brows, to allow you to competently offer this in-demand treatment from home and/or mobile, creating a natural-looking arches and a defined brow shape for your clients.


Lamination  Brow  Course 


1 day academy based Training 

Whether you’re considering a career change or simply looking to improve your skills, Our lamination course is the new trend hitting the salons the  treatment which involves restructuring brow hairs to keep them in their desired shape, Brow lamination delivers naturally fuller brows which can be tailored to suit any brow preference.

Brows can be worn brushed up or down depending on the client's preference. Brow lamination treatments are proving extremely popular thanks to their amazing results, which last up to 8 weeks.

Book onto your training course today 


Defined Brow


1 day Academy based Training 

Our specialised defined brow course has been created to give you that 1 step ahead of a normal wax and tint course . this  course gives you the opportunity to create defined brows using hot wax and professional tinting products threading and tweezing and finishing the brows with a extra cherry on the top  this  is a perfect course for beginners 


Spmu lip liner and blush Training course 


Our lip liner and blush training is a 1:1 training  course based in the academy 

This in -detail training consists of learning all aspects of the 

lips anatomy

Health and safety 

Hygiene and license 

Patch testing 

Consultation techniques 

Pre procedure advise 

Colour theory

Pre draw


Contra actions


Needle configuration 

Shading techniques 

Ombré lips


Full blush 


Healing process

Live models 

Full support and aftercare to students 

Life time access to cpd / mentoring days 

This treatment is hugely popular for 2022  

Train with an industry specialist    


Basic facial and Dermaplaning 


Our Basic facial and dermaplaning course  tends to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot. Curious to learn more about this course Get in touch with our admissions office they’ll be happy to help.


Microneedling and dermaroller 


Our Microneedling and derma roller course  has been a great fit for many of our students in the past. If this is what you’re looking for, make sure to sign up today. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.Don’t forget this course is also a stepping stone to enrol in our aesthetic courses building your business and planing for the future 


Indivdual  Eyelash course 


1 day Academy based Training 

Whether you’re considering a career change or simply looking to improve your skills, our Classic Eyelash course  offers everything you need and more , our Tutor has years of experience and helpful tips and tricks to provide you with the tools and knowledge to create a successful lash career This one day training is perfect for beginners 
We also offer a lash duo training course for students which includes all classic hybrid and Russian techniques over 2 days of training 
Optional kits can be added to your training Small group training no more than 3


Russian /Hybrid Eyelash  course


1 day Academy based Training 

Our Russian lash course is for those students who already have the skills in the lash industry and are ready to up their game This course is becoming  more and more popular and  tends to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot not  only will you learn how to apply Russian lashes using the fanning technique but  also how to create a hybrid lash Giving you an extra two treatments on to your lash menu 


Lash lift and tint 


1 day Academy based Training 

Our Lash lift and tint course is a great one day course We use lash bomb products and teach you how to create the perfect lash lift for your clients 


Micropigmentation Training 


We offer Spmu training as separate modules ie Brows lips and eyeliner but  we also know that students would like to learn them all to become a master of Spmu We offer our amazing micro-pigmentation full Training which gives you the knowledge and  the skills to create a full face of SPMU this  5 day training course includes in-depth theory full practise sessions using the latest latex moulds And practical sessions where you will complete live models on your training It also includes your anatomy and physiology level 3 Training 

Each module is broken down into Brows  Lips Eyeliner Plus neutralisation 


The ULTIMATE Brow Training Course 


• Home Study

• 6 Day Academy Based Training

• Case study work 

Imagine being the master of brows in all treatments 
Offering every possible brow treatment to your clients Wax and Tint Henna BrowsLamination BrowsMicroblading SPMU BrowsCombination Brows 
The pound signs will come rolling in 
Brows are a multi million pound Industry And it’s growing more and more 
We have put together an ultimate brow course this  is an amazing package 
And not to be missed 
Our specialised beauty tutor and Spmu tutor are ready to take you on a amazing business journey
Work your own hours
Earn more than a 9-5 job
Full support from the academy 
Marketing advise and buisness launching advice 
Plus so much more ….


Package courses 

Get in touch for prices on our special package training courses

At feather Noir we believe that getting the most for your money is paramount We know one course can lead to another and another because learning and growing is what creates a successful business We offer package deals which save you £££ On lots of training courses 

Eyelash Combo - Classic  and Russian Eyelash  Training 
Lift combo - lash lift and tint and lamination brow training 
Brow combo - henna brows and lamination brows 
Blade and shade - Microblading and Spmu brow training 
Spmu package deals -Brows and lips Brows and liner lips  and full  micro-pigmentation
The ultimate Brow Training Wax and tint  lamination brows henna brows Microblading Spmu brows 


Mentoring days 

Knowledge •confidence • skill


1 day Academy based Training 

Unhappy with your trainingCame away feeling under confident No support from your tutors 
We offer mentoring days for already qualified students in SPMU and microblading we understand these courses can feel intense as we are using needles on the skin to create a semi permanent feature on a clients face, attention  to detail confidence and knowledge  is needed by every technician .We can help build your confidence and your knowledge Will a mini theory morning and a full afternoon of models with our tutor on hand to help you and guide you to become highly skilled 


scalp micro pigmentation

Exceeding Expectations

Our new course for 2022 is the amazing scalp micro pigmentation training course 
creating tiny dots in different hues of colour to replicate the look of a shadow on the scalp representing hair follicles . you will train with our skilled practitioner in the academy using hands on training methods verbal and live models with full support from your tutor



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Extended your learning in to the world of tattooing - learn how to put your pmu skills into play and adapt into fine line tattooing - 2 day workshop which includes a full In-depth theory session - designing using procreate lining shading highlighting - practice using the correct mm of skin - live models completing a minimum of 5 small tattoos full support and aftercare after training - opportunities for progression with workshops and masterclasses 

Courses: Our Courses


To find out more information about learning at Feathernoir training academy, contact us today 

28 Bag LnAtherton, M46 0EEUnited Kingdom 


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About us and why your should train with us 

Committed to Education

Over the years, our reputation has grown as our students go on to become knowledgeable professionals in the field. Siobhan opened  this Academy in 2019 after working as a tutor in other academies and feeling frustrated that students are sold a dream and receive a poorly educational experience with no support and aftercare Siobhan wanted to change this Our academy is small and intermit with the majority of training courses only as a 1:1 Why we do this ?Working in large groups isn’t always the best option when learning something so advanced and so technical We want our students to have the confidence to ask questions to feel supported and to have the ultimate time with their tutor We tailor create your learning experience based on your needs if you struggle and need additional support in writing or reading or you just learn better hands on we create the course around you Our aftercare and support is amazing we have helped many students who have been left to struggle from other academies We help our own students and support them continuously We open our doors for students who want to come back to do case study work who feel a few more models will help them progress or just a phone call away if a student needs a second opinion Our beauty tutor has a support group for all her beauty students and for them to be encouraged to share their work and feel proud our  Head tutor leads a 1:1 support so students can contact her whenever they need to for support we  offer Free mentoring days to our students As we know life can sometimes get in the way of progressing 
Our Fine line tattoo workshop has been so  popular and we are becoming the leading academy to deliver this workshop to PMU artists 

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